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Meet The Creators

Welcome to the heart and soul of our brand – Aankush Nagpal & Garima Ahuja – visionary siblings who have brought to life FloraSoul. Born into a legacy of business excellence, they refined their skills in global corporations like Unilever, ITC, and Johnson & Johnson.

Destiny led them to rediscover their true purpose in the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda, inspired by their family's business nuances. United by a passion for holistic well-being and a shared vision, FloraSoul was conceived not with elaborate plans but with a significant text message, offering more than organic skincare – an invitation to embrace 'the luxury of nature' in every self-care moment. Serendipity at its finest!

Meet The Founder

The ingenious founder of FloraSoul, holds a Master's degree in Economics from University Of California, Santa Barbara. Transitioning from academia to business, she joined her family's enterprise, as Marketing Director. A passionate advocate for ayurvedic products and natural remedies in skincare, Garima's childhood interest in homemade face packs evolved into a mission to share the luxury of Ayurvedic products through FloraSoul. Her commitment to preserving timeless beauty rituals is evident in the brand's elegant packaging, offering consumers a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

Garima Ahuja, Founder

Meet The Founder

Founder of FloraSoul and a University Of California, Santa Cruz Business graduate, brings a dynamic multitasking approach. Fueled by a passion for quality and luxury, Aankush envisions FloraSoul as a manifestation of "The luxury of nature," driven by his desire to introduce high-quality, natural products to the market. His commitment to efficiency and a taste for the finer things in life have shaped FloraSoul into a brand that not only represents luxury but also encapsulates the essence of nature's finest offerings.

Aankush Nagpal, Founder

From making sure every product at FloraSoul is a testament to the harmonious blend of nature's finest and ancient Ayurvedic secrets, offering you a sensory experience that transcends the ordinary to weaving a tale of tradition and innovation, the founders have opened up boundless possibilities that arise when passion meets purpose.

Join us on our journey

FloraSoul is where your journey to radiance is propelled by nature and innovation.