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FloraSoul: The Luxury of Nature

FloraSoul: The Luxury of Nature

At FloraSoul, everything we create keeps the heart of Ayurveda in mind – the luxury of natural ingredients. The amalgamations are made with ingredients that are backed by science and nourish your skin and you. Using cutting-edge innovation, we use age-old formulations that are moulded to bring you ayurvedic care for modern skin.

To know just what you need – here’s a list of Ayurvedic ingredients that are good for your skin.

Coconut Oil
Nature’s own moisturiser, coconut oil has been a staple in Ayurvedic skincare. Its high concentration of lauric and caprylic acid fights inflammation and its antimicrobial properties can help you deal with psoriasis, eczema and so much more.

Find the goodness of Coconut Oil in all of the FloraSoul formulations.

Chandan (Sandalwood)
An aroma-packed answer to wrinkles, scars and dark spots. It’s what our ancestors would grind into a creamy paste to bring the natural radiance to the skin. Soothing, calming and aromatic – Chandan brings a completely luxurious and sensory experience to skincare.

Find this sweet-scented secret to radiant skin in our Energizing Day Cream With Orange Peel & Sandalwood - SPF 30

Rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E, Amla protects your skin from environmental stressors like pollution. The Indian Gooseberry flushes the toxins from your skin and tightens your pores to bring you clear, healthy skin.

Find this blemish and wrinkle-fighting magic ingredient in all of our products.

In this modern, fast-moving life, stress can be unavoidable. Ashwagandha helps fight the signs of stress like acne and inflammation that show up on your skin. These magical, wooden barks can help boost your collagen and remove the dead skin cells, resulting in plump, supple and beautiful skin.

Find the secret to defying age in our Radiant Age Defying Serum with Tomato Fruit Extract & Ashwagandha.

The ultimate detox for your skin, Neem can help you clear acne-prone skin and fight inflammation. It is perfect for those with Pitta skin type who can struggle with excess oil production since this evergreen leafy ingredient helps keep oil production in check.

You can find the green goodness of Neem in all of our solutions.

The golden answer to calming irritated skin, reducing redness and building a healthy, strong protective barrier for your skin. Turmeric can help you achieve an even skintone that’s devoid of blemishes, marks and scars through its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Find the golden ingredient to your skin problems within our Illuminating Walnut Scrub with Turmeric.

FloraSoul brings you Ayurvedic ingredients that comprise nature’s best properties, in formulations that are not just backed by the wisdom of our culture, but also science.

You can explore our full range of formulations and begin your journey to healing here (add hyperlink to product page)

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