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Holi Skin Rituals with FloraSoul

Holi Skin Rituals with FloraSoul

As you immerse yourself in Gulal this Holi, let FloraSoul take care of your skin effortlessly. With our natural, Ayurvedic ingredients, prepare your skin for the colorful revelry of Holi and indulge in endless pampering.

#Pre-Holi Guide: Prep & care for your skin by –

#1 Nourishing from within
- Before Holi, sweet potatoes, leafy greens, oranges, and papayas are your best friends. Brimming with essential vitamins and antioxidants, with these in your diet, your skin will love you right back.

#2 Giving skin some care with Abhyanga - Abhyanga is the act of self-massaging. Some warm coconut oil or shea butter, applied with a little bit of pressure on your skin, can go a long way, especially before Holi. This way, your skin experiences improved blood circulation along with a moisturized, protective layer.

#3 Hydrating inside out - Drink plenty of fluids to keep your body hydrated from within so you can dance your heart out in the heat. Add that extra layer of hydration to the face - apply a few drops of FloraSoul's Hydrating Face Serum with Olive Extract & Aloe Vera; your skin will feel smoother and luxuriously hydrated.

#4 Protecting your skin - Paramount and most importantly for your skin, protection from UV rays is essential. With FloraSoul's Energizing Day Cream with Orange Peel & Sandalwood with SPF 30, you can feel the cool breeze on your face, even on a hot day with the sun in your eyes and color on your cheeks.

#Post-Holi Guide: Pamper your skin by -

#1 Cleansing with oil
- Before you introduce harsher soaps and chemicals, take a deep breath, and indulge in an oil bath. Coconut or almond oil is gentler in helping you remove the color from your skin while also ensuring it’s consistently moisturized.

#2 Scrub, scrub, and scrub - After a cleansing and soothing oil bath, you need a scrub that illuminates you from within and exfoliates you of all the impurities while building your immunity. FloraSoul's Illuminating Walnut Scrub with Turmeric is the perfect scrub to get back to your radiant self.

#3 Wraping yourself in milky luxury - Follow up the cleansing and exfoliation with the most luxurious pampering with the ever-nourishing and pampering Olive Butter and Almond Oil. Your skin needs hydration after the beautiful chaos of Holi with FloraSoul's Rich and Nourishing Body Milk with Olive Butter & Sweet Almond Oil; you’ll find just that.

Ayurveda is an ancient practice that believes in more than just skincare. It believes in nourishment, pampering, and all the love your skin deserves. At FloraSoul, we want to make sure you are cared for with Ayurveda, science, and nature's kindness so you can enjoy to the fullest of your heart without compromising your skin’s health.
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